Willand Rovers chairman Mike Mitchell was full of praise for both outgoing player-manager Scott Rogers and incoming boss Russell Jee.

Rogers is leaving the club to join Tiverton Town as a player-coach with his assistant Jee being named as the replacement.

After Rogers said goodbye to the club by winning the Les Phillips Cup final on Sunday, Mitchell had nothing but good words to say about a person who he feels could comfortably manage at a higher level one day.

Mitchell said: “It was the perfect way to end Scott’s reign. We decided two years ago that Scott would become manager and I thought he’d only be here two seasons as he’s good enough to move on.

“He’s going to Tiverton as a player-coach, though, and I had visions of him going to a higher level as a manager. He’s good enough to manage in the Conference and he’s going to make a good manager. I can’t match what he’s been offered at Tiverton, so it’s something he couldn’t refuse.

“I’ve known Scott all of his life, more or less, and he’s a fantastic guy. He’s a breath of fresh air for some places and he gets things going.

“He followed on from Clive Jones, who bought us up to a good standard and help us kick on again – we’ve had a fantastic season.”
Mitchell also revealed he is confident that Jee can continue the good work that the management team carried out over the past season.

He revealed: “Russell Jee was assistant to Scott and, about a week ago, I sat down with him and we agreed he’d take us on again. David Steele will be his assistant, with the same backroom staff. I

“’m very pleased with Russell’s appointment and one day he’ll make a good manager – this is the way we work at Willand. Everyone at the club is pleased Russell is staying, it’s a nice appointment to make.

“I told the committee last Saturday that we were employing Russell as manager and everyone agreed it was a good move.

“The first year that Scott was here, both Russell and Scott played, but they decided last year that Russell would give up playing to coach from the side and I think he’s done an excellent job. A lot of the players like him and he’s got some contacts. He’ll do his best, I know he will.

“His dad and his brother were both Willand players. He’s like a Blackpool rock, he’s got Willand running through his veins.”