IMG_0005_1 (Large)Over the five years of the life of our current Under-16s – they started life as an Under-12 team – a large number of players have turned out for the side. Incredibly there are joint top scorers after the 96 matches that the team played.

We salute Ollie Elsworthy (54 goals in 86 games) and Sam Jones (54 goals in 94 games).

Two players scored five in a single game – the first was when Ben Seymour did so – what a player he was by the way and he has this season been turning out for the Exeter City Under-18 team – ben played twice and scored seven goals. The other to net five in one game is Levi Edwardson who joined the team at the start of the final season (U16) – Levi played nine times and scored 15 goals.

In terms of goalkeeping. Jordan Biss was the first to wear the gloves. There were occasional shifts between the sticks also for Tommy Mortiboys and Ollie Elsworthy and Harrison Burton took over as regular gloves man at the start of the Under-15 season. he has ended his service at Silver Street (well, with this team – there’s more to come – we hope) with an extra-ordinary 18 clean sheets in the 28 matches he played. Mind you, as all Rovers followers would no doubt agree – much of the clean sheet building has been down to a settled – and solid defence – superbly marshalled by the exceptional Tom Badcott who is surely one of a number of the Under-16 team – and perhaps others who played since Under-12s but did not feature in this final season – who may yet one day wear the senior colours at Silver Street.
Appearances with goals in brackets
Sam Jones 94 (54)
Ollie Elsworthy 86 (54)
Jordan Biss 81  (6)
Will Birley 74  (24)
Dan Foweraker 68 (6)
Tom Mortiboys 66 (44)
Phil Andrew 62  (2)
Connor Pengelly 60 (20)
Tom Badcott 55
Jack Rawlings 53 (37)
Sam Rawlings 53  (31)
Ryan Shrewsberry 49
Kieran Fry 45  (10)
Harrison Burton 28   (kept 18 clean sheets)
Tom Bushby 26  (6)
Luke Horne 26
Mitchell Dart 24 (9)
Bailey Jason-Ryan 23  (12)
Owen Buxton 22  (3)
Max Cooper 20  (14)
Matt Leaney 20  (5)
Hayden Williams 20  (2)
Jack Aldred 19  (1)
Sam Mackenzie 18  (7)
Josh Mclean 15  (3)
Ben Morgan 15  (6)
Ryan Harder 13
Luke Broomfield 13 (1)
Archie Stoneman 12  (3)
Cameron Connolly 9 (3)
Levi Edwardson 9 (15)
Harry Foster 7
Evan Lewis 6 (4)
James Head 4
Ben Seymour 2  (7)
Ollie Searle 2
Harry Evans, Aaron Marks, Tom Punnett, Elliott Tanockc, Denis Wise, Cody Alford, Callum Luke, Jordan Lovibond, Matt Smith 1