The Under-16s WILL play this Sunday DESPITE it being County Cup day again – that does mean none of the Cully lads are available though HARRISON BURTON and RYAN SHREWSBERRY have bravely said they’ll  play both the morning game for Cully (v MAP Juniors at Speeds Meadow) and then join up with Rovers for the game at BRIDGWATER VPR – who lead the early table this season.

We will be signing a couple of players on to help us through another difficult day in terms of availability and there are a few AN OTHERS on the list as manager Clive Jones looks to find a couple of extra players.

Squad: Harrison Burton, Tom Badcott (capt), Phil Andrew, Dan Foweracre, Ryan Shrewsberry, Sam Jones, Josh McClean, Bailey Jason-Ryall, Sam Webber, Will Birley, Luke Horne, Oliver Searle, AN OTHER, AN OTHER.

Players to meet at Silver Street at 1.15pm.


If any other members of the Rovers squad CAN help us play this game then we would be VERY grateful