The day after the Rovers Reserves were beaten 6-2 at Hatherleigh Town (September 22) in their latest Fresha League Premier Division game, boss Rob Buxton said: “After the previous weeks drubbing at Feniton in a game that saw us field four 1st team regulars I was certainly hoping that a trip to Hatherleigh would produce something good for us. However, another huge disappointment was that yet more major issues surfaced. The game was lost to us before half-time as we shipped four goals with what can only be described as ‘horrendous’ defending I made a triple change at half-time, but it seems no matter who I pick or what we do with our formation and style, we can’t buy a result. Clearly losing Dan (Kenyon) just before the seasons start to the 1st team squad was a huge blow to this seasons planning. It leaves us this season operating without last seasons BEST two defenders and we are also without two key strikers – tough for any team to cope with! Dan was the key, losing him at such short notice without time to plan a replacement left a huge hole! Confidence is low and we have a week off now which is perfect timing as we need to re-group. It is clearly going to be a very difficult campaign if we don’t start defending as a team much better.”