On behalf of Willand Rovers FC we would like to apologize to all our supporters, players and sponsors.

In October 2015 one of our players attended an University in Wales where he was registered to play. In 2016 he returned to play in Devon. Having returned to Devon and having played locally before he signed to play for Willand Rovers. Before he was allowed to play in England his registration should have been moved from the Welsh FA to the English FA.

Until this week the Club was unaware of where the player played in 2015. The player concerned was unaware of the need for an international transfer.

Accordingly, Willand Rovers have been unintentionally in breach of player registration rules. The club has pleaded guilty to that offence and the FA have sanctioned us by removing us form the FA Trophy and ordering the club pay back all prize money won this season.

The FA stated that we had not shown enough to enquire about the provenance of the players past history stretching back to an early age until he registers for the Club. Willand Rovers accepts the sanctions from the FA and will not be appealing against their decision.

The Club does not attach any blame on the player concerned or any member of the club, this was an unfortunate oversight.

We wish to put this episode behind us and concentrate on playing football.  Thank you for continuing support Willand Rovers FC.