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New Willand Rovers manager Russell Jee says he would not have taken the job if he was not confident that they would be successful next season.

Over the past two seasons, Jee was Scott Rogers’ assistant and, with the player-manager leaving to join Tiverton Town, he has been appointed new manager at Silver Street.

Jee admits that Rogers will be a hard act to follow after a successful season that culminated in them lifting the Les Phillips Cup on Sunday 10th May, but he is optimistic of doing a good job.

He said: “It’s an exciting challenge and it will be hard to succeed last year but we’ll give it a go.

“There’ll obviously be a couple of personnel changes, as that happens every season, but we’re looking forward to the challenge.

“We’re looking to keep the bulk of the squad together, as we’ve been successful this year, and build on it for next season.

“We’ll be strong and we’ll compete, which is why I took the job. If I didn’t know we were going to be strong, I wouldn’t have taken it.”

Jee feels the club have made the right choice in promoting someone who was already in the club, as he already knows all about the players.

“The thing is, when you appoint someone from the outside, they’ll bring in their own personnel but when something is good and you’ve got a team in good spirit, on a winning mentality, then not many players want to leave,” Jee said.

“Once you’ve got that continuity and that winning mentality, people get used to playing with each other and you only need to tinker one or two things. We’ll be strong again.

“I was expecting to be asked if I wanted the opportunity, as usually clubs ask the assistant. I’m very fond of the club, as it’s a good, family club and a well-run club, so we’re looking to compete and stay strong. We want another successful season.”

Jee revealed he has already started planning for the upcoming season and has made contact with some potential signings.

He said: “We’ve spoken to a few players from outside of the club who seem interested, I won’t name names, though, we’ll just have to see.

“You always look to strengthen as, if you stand still in football, you won’t go anywhere. So we’ll keep the main bulk of the squad and see where it takes us.

“It always helps to have a successful season, as it makes you more likely to entice players to come to the club.

“We’re well-known as a well-run club and it’s always easier to attract players after a successful season.

“I’ve got no problems with stepping up to management and I’ve got my own ideas, so hopefully I can put them into place.

“We’ll have a good, solid pre-season and the boys will work hard and be well drilled for the season ahead.”