Rovers get the finishing touch!!

Over the last 2 years Willand Rovers have had the facilities there transformed to a level that they could only have wished for before, but with the help of funds from local company Viridor they have made it happen.

Just two months ago Rovers were successful in securing a grant from Viridor Credits Environmental Company through the Landfill Communities Fund for funding towards the car park which was is such a poor state of repair it caused no end of issues when trying to park there.

The club worked very closely with Devon Tarmasters of Newton Abbot in looking at the best way to bring the car park back to a useable state, with no drainage through the whole site it caused a lot of flooding right across it. Mike Mitchell Chairman of the club said ” the constant rain we get has caused it to flood on a regular basis and this in turn makes it difficult for people that are hiring the club to park without getting wet feet, the new car park will make a massive difference for everyone”.

Rovers grant towards the car park was just short of £27,000 and they are very grateful for the support they have received not only from Viridor but the ten companies that helped raise the 10% needed to apply for the grant, Scott Rogers said “Its such a great feeling when you get other companies backing what you are trying to do for the community, the support we have had is second to none”.

Now the car park has been done the refurbishment project for Rovers has been completed, although it was originally started in July 2012 the end results have been well worth waiting for. The club welcomes anyone from the community to come along and see what they now have to offer.