Rovers Western League historical stats:

Prior to the start of the 2012/13 season the Rovers record as a Western league club is:

P 416   W  210  D  99  L  97   Scored    771   Conceded  496  Points  729

The record in the PREMIER DIVISION stands at

Pl  270  W  141  D 63  L  54  Scored  489   Conceded  293   Points 486

With the home and away split in the top flight being:


P 117  W  62  D  25  L 21  Scored  200  Conceded 116  Points  215


P  117  W  62  D  31  L  24  Scored  227  Conceded 140  Points  217


During the 2010/11 season Rovers went on a run from October 19, 2010 and a 6-0 win at STREET that saw them score FOUR or more in FOUR successive matches – this a FIRST for the club. WELLS CITY were next up,  beaten 4-3 away, WELTON were then beaten 4-1 away and next HALLEN were beaten 4-0 at Silver Street (the latter game on October 30th 2010).

The best run of games without Rovers conceding a goal – prior to the start of the 2012/13 season was: The best run of games without Rovers conceding a goal – prior to the start of the 2012/13 season was:

FIVE MATCHES – Last season we set a new record as we went through FIVE games starting with the visit to Brislington on October 22nd, then at Street (Oct 25), home to Hallen (Oct 29) and at home to Sherborne (Nov 5) – we followed this with a Les Phillips Cup and a twice played FA Vase tie before a FIFTH league game with a shit-out, the November 26th win at Silver Street over Bristol Manor Farm. We finally conceded in the 1-0 home defeat to Merthyr Town on December 17t, and that was the FIRST league goal concede since a 1-0 defeat at Ilfracombe on October 18th!

Previously we had kept clean sheets in FOUR successive league games on three occasions. The first time was the Western League Division One campaign of 2004/05 when the first four games of the season, HOME versus Wellington (2-0) and then Biddestone (4-0) followed by away trips to Larkhall (0-0) and Shepton Mallett  (6-0) ended with Rovers not conceding a goal. The run was broken at home to Radstock in the 5th game when we lost 2-1.That run was matched in the Western League Premier Division season of 2007/08 when the four game run took in matches with Melksham at home (Jan 26th 2008) – won 3-0, Welton Rovers away (Feb 2nd), Odd Down away on Feb 9th (won 6-0) and then Radstock away (16th Feb) won 1-0. That run was ended by Bitton (Feb 23rd) where we conceded a goal but won the game 2-1. In season 2010/11 there was another FOUR game run without conceding but that included two FA Cup ties as MARTHYR TOWN were beaten 2-0 at Silver Street on August 14th in an FA Cup tie, then there was a 0-0 home draw with LONGWELL GREEN followed by a 1-0 home FA Cup win over RADSTOCK and finally a 4-0 League win at DAWLISH TOWN.



This has happened just FIFTEEN times with the most recent being the November 2010 meeting at Silver Street with LONGWELL GREEN.

The break down season by season of 0-0 score lines is:

2005/06   –  FOUR:  at Bridgwater (January) and Bideford (Feb) and at home to Welton (April) and Barnstaple (April)

2006/07  –  TWO: at Keynsham (March) and at Street (also in March)

2007/08  –  TWO: at home to Bitton (March) and away to Brislington (April)

2008/09  –  THREE: at home to Ilfracombe (September) and Brislington (February) and away at Ilfracombe (February).

2009/10 –  THREE: at home to Bideford (October) and Melksham Town (April) and away to Longwell Green (April)

2010/11: ONE: at home to LONGWELL GREEN (November)

S011/12: NONE


The longest run without DEFEAT stands at TWENTY EIGHT MATCHES. After Rovers lost 2-1 at home to Barnstaple Town on October 24 2009, they were then undefeated all the way through until the second game of the following season – an August 10th 5-0 home defeat to Street!

The longest run without a WIN stands at SIX matches and that has happened TWICE. The first time being the First Division season of 2001/2002 when six games were contested between December 29th 2001 and February 23rd 2002 without any being won.

The second time a six match run without a win happened was in the First Division season of 2003/2004 when matches from October 4th until November 4th failed to produce a victory.

The longest run of successive victories stands at EIGHT and that happened in the promotion winning First Division season of 2004/05 when an October 20th 2004 4-1 win at ILFRACOMBE was followed by WESTON ST JOHN (A) W2-1, DAWLISH (A) W4-1, SALTASH UNITED (H) W2-1, CADBURY HEATH (H) W2-1, ALMONDSBURY (A) W3-1, BIDDESTONE (A) W4-2  and finally CHARD (A) W5-2 on December 11th – the run of eight straight wins ended on December 18th 2004 at home to Clevedon United won left with a 5-1 win!

The longest run of DRAWS stands at FOUR matches and that has happened just the once in the promotion winning season in Division One in 2004/05 when we drew with Calne Town away on January 8th 2005 and then drew at home to Shepton Mallett, and then away at both Radstock and Shrewton before the sequence was ended on February 5th with a 2-0 win at Minehead.

The longest run to date of successive DEFEATS is FOUR and that fate hit the side in the 2002/03 First Division season when between September 28th 2001 and November 2nd when successive matches were lost at Torrington, Clyst Rovers and Street and the 4th was at home to Cadbury Heath. In last season’s Premier Division season we lost THREE league games on the spin, going down at home to both Brislington and Wells City and then away at Sherborne Town between January 28th and February 21st.


The FIRST EVER Willand Rovers Western league goal was scored at ILFRACOMBE’S Marlborough Park ground on August 18th 2001 – that the first of four in the clubs first ever game in the Western League, the match finishing 4-1 to Rovers.

The FIFTIETH Western League goal was the first in a 2-1 win at home to MINEHEAD on April 1st 2002.

The ONE HUNDREDTH Western league goal was the 4th in a 5-1 Home win over CLYST ROVERS on March 1st 2003.

THE ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH Western League goal came with the first of a 2-0 home win over CHARD on Boxing Day 2003. TOWN

THE TWO HUNDREDTH Western League goal for Rovers was the 4th goal of a 4-0 win at home to BIDDESTONE on August 21st 2004.

The TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH Western league goal was the opening goal of a 2-1 win at DAWLISH on February 16th 2005. TOWN

The 70Oth Western League goal for Rovers was scored by DEAN STAMP in a 1-1 Silver Street draw with CORSHAM TOWN on March 22nd 2011.

Prior to the first ball being kicked of the 2012/13 Toolstation League season Rovers had played 416 games during their ELEVEN seasons of what is otherwise known as the Western League Football.

We have played 47 different teams to date and that will become 48 this season when we come up against BUCKLAND ATHLETIC in the league this season.

HALLEN, STREET and BITTON are the sides we have faced the most having played them TWENTY TIMES each prior to this seasons meetings.

We have never lost a Western League game to NINE of the 44 sides we have come across. Some of those sides we have only met twice. The full list with the number of meetings in brackets is: WELTON ROVERS (8), KEYNSHAM TOWN (4) and then ALMONDSBURY (2), BIDDESTONE (2), BATH CITY RESERVES (2), BACKWELL UNITED (2), ELMORE (2) and WARMINSTER (2).

On the other side of the coin, of the 42 opponents we have yet to register a Western League win against FIVE sides – EXMOUTH TOWN (4), BATH CITY RESERVES (2), TRURO CITY (2) and, of course, the two new sides we will meet this season.

The sides that we have drawn the most games with (once again the number of meetings is in brackets) is:

7 – BARNSTAPLE TOWN (in 14 meetings), 7 – BITTON (in 20 meetings), 7 – Bishop Sutton (in 14 meetings) and  6 – HALLEN (in 12 meetings).

The sides we have beaten the most Western League games to date are:

ILFRACOMBE (who we have beaten ELEVEN times in 18 meetings) and HALLEN (who we have also beaten ELEVEN times in 20 meetings), BRISLINGTON (TEN times in 14 meetings) and CHARD TOWN (NINE times in 14 meetings),

The teams to inflict defeat upon us in Western League games the most times are:

STREET (have beaten us EIGHT times in 20 meetings), CALNE TOWN (have beaten us SEVEN times in 16 meetings), BRISTOL MANOR FARM (beaten us SIX times in 18 meetings) and BITTON (have beaten us FIVE times in 20 meetings whilst FROME TOWN have also beaten us FIVE times in 10 meetings in the League.


Season on season how Rovers have fared in each of the past TEN

seasons with P being the Premier Division years and F being the

First Division years.

Season P W D L F A Pts Position
2011/12  P 34 18 7 9 62 37 61 5th
2010/11  P 36 18 11   7 69 40 65 4th
2009/10  P 38 24 11   3 79 30 83 2nd
2008/09  P 40 20 13   7 69 48 70 3rd
2007/08  P 40 22 10   8 78 48 76 3rd
2006/07  P 42 21 10 11 69 46 73 6th
2005/06  P 38 18 11   9 63 42 65 6th
2004/05  F 38 27   7   4 88 31 88 Champs
2003/04  F 36 17   8 11 72 50 59 6th
2002/03  F 36 16   6 14 63 53 53 7th
2001/02  F 38   9 15 14 59 58 42 15th
  P W D L F A Pts  
Premier 268 141 63 54 489 293 493  
Div One 148   69 36 43 282 192 242  
Total 416 210 99 97 771 485 735  



In the past eleven seasons Rovers had had the dreaded double done on them on FIFTEEN occasions:

In the 2001/02 season, it happened FOUR times with the sides doing the double being STREET, CHARD TOWN, FROME TOWN and TORRINGTON. The following season it happened TWICE with TORRINGTON again having the sign over Rovers whilst the other team to do the double that year were WESTBURY UNITED.

In the 2003/04 season only BRISTOL MANOR FARM managed the feat and, in the 2004/05 campaign NOT ONE TEAM managed it. In 2005/06 THREE sides did the double over Rovers, BRISTOL MANOR FARM, CALNE TOWN and MELKSHAM TOWN. It was TWO in season 2006/07 with RADSTOCK TOWN and BRIDGWATER TOWN. Just ONE side managed it in 2007/08, that being TRURO CITY and NOT ONE TEAM manage the double over Rovers in 2008/09 and again in 2009/10. last season the only side to manage the double over Rovers was champions LARKHAL ATHLETIC.