Official Statement by Willand Rovers FC:

We are aware of rumours circulating that WRFC has Covid-19 cases within the club.

This is not the case and as far as we are aware no member of the club or regular user of the club has returned a positive Covid-19 test in the past few days.

We are however aware of two people that attended the club over the weekend of 10 & 11 July that have been “pinged” by NHS Test & Trace as having been proximate to a person or persons that subsequently tested positive for Covid-19. We do not know whether these contacts were made at the club or elsewhere, remote from the club.

As a precautionary measure, and to minimise risk to our members and visitors, WRFC has decided not to open the clubhouse bar on Friday 16 & Saturday 17 July and to postpone our Bingo night, planned for 20 July, until Tuesday 3 August.

Our scheduled pre-season friendly match at Silver Street on Saturday afternoon had already been cancelled by our visitors as they have recently returned a number of positive test results within their club.

At all times WRFC deems the safety and best interests of people attending our premise to be of utmost importance when considering operation of the club. We trust you understand our position of caution in this instance and would apologise for any inconvenience that our restricted opening this weekend may cause.